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Times Square Update

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Times Square NY AND  See|Me display art on the largest video billboard in Times Square

It’s been about 5 weeks since I first announced my inclusion in See|Me’s planned “unveiling of a massive display of art on the largest video billboard in Times Square,”  so I thought it’s pretty high time I shared an update on that event.


The digital exhibition took place on Thursday August 31 and no, I was not able to attend, though many artists did as evidenced by the photos and chat on both Instagram and Twitter (Tweets and shares that I followed like a mad stalker!).  During the event and for a few days after, I combed the social web venues (using the hashtag #seemetakeover)  in search of an image that showed my work among those selected for display. Fortunately, See|Me staff posted images of each digital display change-over on Facebook so I had an opportunity to search through those. It was a daunting task as there were over 900 photos to search.

But I found one!!

Imagine how ever so lucky  I felt to find one in the 8th image I searched!! Here it is below. It wasn’t the clearest photo, but I recognized it right away.

Col-Mitchell Times Square Prime


I also greatly appreciate the local media support and interest surrounding this event. Thank you Mary Beth Hartill and Chris Occhiuzzi for the interviews (below)!

And thanks to all who sent me notes of congratulations. I do appreciate the kindness!

Col's art signature

Col Mitchell - Local painter showing at Times Square

2014 July 30 pg 59 What’s Up Muskoka CLICK ON IMAGE TO READ FULL ARTICLE

Col-Mitchell- Local artist featured at Times Square

2014 Aug 7 pg 12 MuskokaRegion.com insert, Bracebridge Examiner CLICK TO READ FULL ARTICLE

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