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The following references printed newspaper articles and publications concerning Col Mitchell’s art and art related activities since 2008. Some link to the newspaper shown in the left column. The link will open in a new window and may open to the entire newspaper in digital form or a pdf of one page . Page and or section numbers are listed to help locate articles.

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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Wednesday, August 13, 2008 A14 – Artists chosen for Art in the Heart program. Photo with caption Quote from caption: “Local artist Colleen Mitchell strikes a pose in her studio.”

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Former Exeter Artist displays work at G20 Former Exeter Artist displays work at G20Former Exeter Artist displays work at G20

Wednesday July 29, 2010 pg 19 – Former Exeter artist display work at G8 by Pat Bolen. Article (describing my experience at the G8/G20 media centre in Toronto) and Photo. Quote from article: “While riots were going outside in Toronto June 26, former Exeter resident and Muskoka Artist Col Mitchell was able to relax by the G20 summit lake and give visitors a sense of what Muskoka is about.”

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The Artist WithinThe Artist WithinThe Artist WithinThe Artist Within

Wednesday July 29, 2009 Special Publication Arts & Theatre Guide pg 3 –  Article #1: Art for Art’s Sake. Quote from article: ” Huntsville Art Society’s reigning queen Col Mitchell lets us in on the opportunities here for emerging artist.s” and Article # 2 (interview) The artist within. Quote from article: “It was an extremely positive experience. I went to the open studio every week. Having access to other artists like that is terrifically beneficial — it’s gold really.” 2 Photos with captions. Quotes from captions: ” Artist Col Mitchell has found great encouragement and inspiration from Muskoka’s creative community.” and “Col Mitchell’s work is unique in its use of texture.”

The Artist Within

Wednesday October 14, 2009 A13 – Photo with caption. Quote from caption: “A Light touch. Artist Col Mitchell paints with fluid acrylics and acrylic inks at Huntsville Place Mall on Friday evening.”

Wednesday June 21, 2010 front page A1 and A15 – Art community has reason to jubilateby Alison Brownlee. Article and 2 photos with captions. Quote from article: “During the town council meeting Monday, Councillor Fran Coleman announced Murray Sinclair and his wife Mary donated $10,000 to establish the gallerty.” “The first exhibit will show art by the eight local artists who attended the G20 summit in Toronto as representatives of muskoka.” ” One of the artists, Col Mitchell is also president of the Huntsville Art Society, and Rashleigh said the project wouldn’t have become a reality without her.”

Wednesday June 23, 2010 A16 G8 Edition – The global artistic legacy of the G8 by Tracy Nita Pender  Quotes from article: “Earlier this year, HAS was involved in a gallery show hosted at Mark O’Meara club as part of one of the international media tours hosted in relation to the summit. But the group wanted to further showcase Muskoka’s artistic brilliance. So we kept asking how we could help and we we kept calling the chamber and the Town and the Summit Management office,” says Dodd. And their dilignece as certainly paid off.” “The opportunity came about thanks to a collaborative effort between Mitchell, president of HAS, Dodds, the Chamber, Huntsville Town Council and others.”

Wednesday July 7 2010 B6 pg 29 – Watch masterpieces in the making and bid on them to support the arts. Article. Quote from article: ” Renowned local artists such as Wendy Moses, Col Mitchell, Ron Murdoch and Gerry Lantaigne, as well as area dignitaries, such as councilors Fran Coleman and Mary Jane Fletcher, will create their masterpieces right in the public eye, using various locations along main street and in the parks of beautiful downtown Huntsville.”

Wednesday July 28, 2010 B13– Don’t miss chance to pick up some great art by Alison Brownlee Quotes from article: “…have only four hours to create their works of art.” “artists involved will also include Col Mitchell, Janet Howser, Paul Ferris and Pat Whittle, with the event focusing on raising money for student.”

Wednesday November 3, 2010 B6 – Art exhibition to highlight creativity in business by Alison Brownlee. Quote from article: “Artist Col Mitchell is the curator of a project called ArtShift, which paired five artists with five business owners in order to create artwork that would change the way people think about creativity and business.”

Wednesday May 25 2011 B4 — Resident takes first step toward filling public art galleryby Alison Brownlee. Photo with caption. Description: Helga Wyler purchased work from The Art Space, operated by the Huntsville Art Society, and donated it to the Town of Huntsville with the intent that it would be the first acquisition of a municipally funded public art gallery. Mitchell pictured in group photo.

Wednesday June 29 2011 A11 — Hush-hush G8 turns into lasting legacy for artists by Alison Brownlee. Article and Photo with caption. Quote from article: “But as one of the eight artists who showed in Toronto, Mitchell said the experience itself was unforgettable.” Quote from caption: ” This photo was taken of her work when it was on display  in Toronto.”

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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Thursday Aug 14, 2008 A5 – The art of running a business. Photo with caption. Quote from caption: “Mitchell is just one of 15 artists participating in Art in the Heart, a new initiative being put on by the town of Bracebridge.”

Thursday June 25, 2009 B7 – Heroism and villainy as an art form. Photo with caption. Quote from Caption: ” Artist Col Mitchell’s iconic Joker from the Batman movie will be one of a number of pieces of work on display.”

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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Thursday May 7, 2009 A6 – Many will be presenting artwork designed specifically for the show. Photo with caption. Quote from Caption: ” She Cell C Shell: Black and white does not do this painting by Col Mitchell of Cedar Raven Studio justice. To see it in it’s true earthy brown tones, head to the Art of Remembering exhibition this weekend in Huntsville.”

Thursday May 7, 2009 A16 – New arts pilot project to open on trial basis. Photo with caption. Quote from caption: ” Local artists gathered inside the Old Queen’s Hotel recently to hear about the new Six Degrees Muskoka arts pilot project to be launched in Bracebridge this June.”

Thursday May 14, 2009 B14 – Art in the Heart Beats again by Jamesin Rossborough. Quote from article: ” Painter Colleen Mitchell, who had just moved to the area in June of 2008, sold pieces of her work as well, and says the event was a great way to meet other artists. “It really adds to the community,” says Mitchell.”

Muskoka Today

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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Thursday May 14, 2009 District News Vol. 16 No. 01 pg 14 – Photo with Caption. Quote from caption: ” President Col Mitchell, left, took home the best overall in the theme: Elements in Art — earth, air, fire and water.”


P.O. Box 1049, 34
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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Friday march 20, 2009 Muskoka Business pg 30 – (pdfPhoto with caption  Quote from Caption: “prez Colleen Mitchell works on an artist trading card.”

Friday September 4, 2009 pg. 11 — (pdfSecond Chances, the last chance to see summer exhibits at Six Degrees. Photos with caption. Quote from caption: “Visual artist col Mitchell’s painting depicting one lucky fish is one of many local masterpieces on display during Six Degrees Muskoka’s final themed art show, Second chances.” Quote from article: “The exhibit includes Chad Arney’s whimiscal take on found objects, Sylvia Bouchards’s wizardry with recycled fabric, one very lucky fish as depicted bvy visual artst Col Mitchell, and much more from nearly two dozen of Muskoka’s most talented artists.” “A not-for-profit pilot project supporting youth and the arts community from June to September in downtown Bracebridge, Six Degrees Muskoka has presented seven biweekly themed art shows and events in collaboration with more than 140 of Muskoka’s  visual, performing and literary artists, and arts and community groups.”

Friday July 09, 2010 pg 8 – G20 highlights local artists at media centre. Article. Quote from article: “Helping to make the experience unique for visiting media were Muskoka artists Wendy Moses, Vicki Sharp, Nathalie Bertin, *Janine Marson, Col Mitchell, Ryan Coyne, Brenda Wainman Goulet and Lloyd Walton.” (note: Krysia Bower replaced Janine Marson)

Friday July 16, 2010 pg. 11 – Photo with caption. Quote from caption: ” Col Mitchell displays her painting Muskoka Tourism as part of the first exhibit at the Canada Summit Centre in Huntsville on Friday.”

Friday July 23, 2010 pg. 15 – Gallery and Festival of the Arts sponsor En Plein Air event by Alison Brownlee. Quotes from article: ” This year, the Huntsville Art Society’es pilot project Creativation has been invited to participate in the event.” “artists involved will also include Col Mitchell, Janet Howser, Paul Ferris and Pat Whittle, with the event focusing on raising money for student.”

Friday September 17, 2010 pg 10 – Pilot program offers variety of new programs for children. Article and photo with caption. Description: Interview with Helena Renwick, coordinator for  Creativation , an initiative of the Huntsville Art Society, funded by the Government of Ontario. Quote from photo caption: “TLDSB Superintendant Kevin Cutler, Huntsville Art Society’s Col Mitchell and Vicki Dodds, Creativation’s Helena renwick, and larry Curley from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture celebrate their partnership.”

Friday October 8, 2010 pg 4 – This year’s Women of Distinction award nominees announced. Quote from article: “The list of nominees for 2010 includes: Megan Ellis, Allison Holder, Clare Hutchinson, Patty Butler, Marg French, Suzann Riverin, Karla Struyk, Robin Clipsham, Linda Drennan, Col Mitchell, Wendy Moses, Jennifer Schnier, Janet Stahle-Fraser, Maria Duncalf-Barber, Deb Harrold, Pat Loughhead, Cheryl kelley, Tracie Parrott, Shelley Raymond, Margaret Walton, Lynee Neweell and Phyllis Parker.”

Friday December 5 2010 pg. 3 – Art aimed at shifting thoughts about creativity in the business world by Alison Brownlee. Article and photo with caption. Quote from article: “there are materials there that may not have been seen before in artwork, said Mitchell, who matched each artist with a business sponsor. She said several of the artists told her they found the project “intense,” with some of them having only two weeks to complete their pieces using atypical materials.” Quote from caption: “Artist Janine Marson incorporated used automotive parts, grease, and cleaning products into her Artshift project piece.”

Friday April 22, 2011 pg.38 – Photo with caption. Quote from caption: “Voracious for colour. Crumpled paint + fluid + ink acrylic creating dynamic play of light, colour and depth.”

Thursday May 9, 2013 pg.15 – Local paper artist to create festival image by Karen Cassian. Article and photo with caption. Quote from the article: “When Mitchell brought her painting to a festival board meeting to reveal her image for the first time, they were all in awe. The closer you get to her singing bird canvas titled Virtuoso, the more revealing the texture and the detail. It was difficult to keep from touching it. It was going to be a big hit as a festival brochure cover.”

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Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

April 2010 What’s Up Huntsville/Lake of Bays pg. 17 and cover – New group hopes to unite art community by Karen Wehrstein. Article and photo with caption. Quote from article: ” A subcommittee has been established to liaise between the Town of Huntsville and the local arts community, particularly in jurying artwork for showing in public spaces.” ” Vicki Dodds, vice-president of the Huntsville Art Society, the independent association of artist that spearheaded the lobbying that led to the formation of the subcommittee, says people in the arts community are thrilled.” Quote from caption: “Virginia Hastings, Teri Souter, Fran Coleman, Col Mitchell, Brenda Wainman Goulet and Kelly Holingshead, are part of the new subcommittee.”

June 2010,  What’s Up Huntsville/Lake of Bays pg. 26 – New program gives Kids artistic outlet by Chris Occhiuzzi.
Article with Photo and caption. Quote from article: “One of the things youth in Muskoka lack is a public art gallery, says Colleen Mitchell, president of the Huntsville art Society. So for the youth to get involved in the art community, and see beyond what is presented in schools, they have to wait for summer activities and special activities from other groups. So this is an effort on our part to add and create more of those opportunities for them — to be in with the art groups and see what’s out there.” Quote from caption: “Students from grades 1- 8 in the Huntsville area will soon have access to arts education activities as part of a new program called Creativation.”


Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart Artists Chosen for Art in the Heart C

Muskoka Visitor Guide 2009  pg 49  image: “Untitled” ©2011 Col Mitchell 8″ x 10″ Original watercolour, pen & ink on paper.
Quote: “As a third generation cottager on Algonquin Park’s Smoke Lake, and since 1988 a full time Muskoka resident, I am inspired by the region’s abundant geen-scapes lush with hidden treasures for both body and mind. it is not only the imagery that lures, but the simple exquisite momentary experience of discovery.” — Col Mitchell

Beyond the City Magazine May/June 2009 pg 43 – The ABCs of ATCs: Artist trading cards go global. Photo, no caption. Quotes from article: “HAC president Colleen Mitchell sees great value in the workshops for Huntsville’s artistic community.” ” These events are perfect for experimentation with materials, for stepping out of your box and trying something new.”

Beyond the City Magazine Winter 2009 – The last word. Photo with caption. Quote from caption: “The nutchatch itself is a black pineapple paper and mulberry.Water, acrylic washes, pen nib and inks meld here.”

Muskoka Life Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 pg 11, 12 From tree to paper and back again. Quote from article: “The colours in Two Performers intimate a particular kind of sunny day, enticing the viewer to relate to an experience of one standig outside to breath for a moment, to tkae in the smell, the warmth,  the caress of wind, and the resulting energizing impact of that moment.”

Still Point Arts Quarterly Fall 2012 Issue No. 7 pg 4, 6, 11 Current Exhibition Elements of Texture. Quote from article: “That is the power of texture. It provides another way for art to touch the sensual, subconscious, emotional, spiritual, intuitive self. Another way for art to change you.”

The Artist of Muskoka: Contemporary artists wild with passion (book) 2013 by Andrea Hillo. Edited by Leonard Pizzey. Forward by Roy MacGregor. Quote from book: “Such access brought those who fished, those who hunted, those who were ill and sent by their doctors to breathe the freshest air on earth, and, not surprisingly, those who painted.”

Huntsville Festival of the Arts Summer 2013 Image artist: commissioned for the festival brochure cover and 2013 marketing image. Other uses included: table coasters, newspaper advertisements, rack cards, and digital display.

Muskoka Magazine May 2013, pg 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 Inspiration Through Play by Karen Wehrstein. Photos by Kelly Holinshead. Quote from article: “When Col Mitchell went to an art workshop she had no idea the process of trying it, putting her own spin on it, and even a fast fix for a mistake would lead to the sort of success that most artists only dream of.”