“My art reflects my process of viewing and experiencing nature as I remember it, that random pendulum of intensity and tranquility, the shape, colour, line, and texture I associate with nature’s wonders, beauty and complexity. All coloured by an adult’s remembrance of childhood imagination and fancy.”

“Art provides us with a way to experience ourselves in relation to the universe, and thus is an experience of the mysterious.”
– Vladimir Breskin

Experience the Mysterious
Only my most recent original  Pen & Ink on Sculpted Paper Artworks to preview for your singular experience

Through my work I offer an opportunity to re-experience meaningful or intimate interactions with nature, perhaps captured during childhood when those experiences were more magical than common

As new original works are completed, I share them directly through email to you including their pertinent details such as title, dimensions and availability — along with a quote I feel supports the work in some manner.

“It is truly fascinating how you captured the image so organically you not only see the painting, but you feel it.”Jenna Eline
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“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.”

Albert Einstein

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“Every time I see one of your works I want to reach out and touch them; the tree images especially. I can visualize the rough feel of the bark and the cool wind on my neck. Thank you for the wonderful emotions your work evokes.”
– Betty Carlson

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