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Creative Freedom in Your Jammies

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I love the focus gained while doodling. there is a certain mental freedom involved within that focus, an absence from other “thought noise”, a pressure reliever as thoughts of everyday or looming stressors fade away. For me, doodling creates a much less crowded mind space; space which allows creative thinking to occur unhindered by surrounding thought buzz and sludge, and opens a door to fluid creative imaginings and explorations not tied to a necessary resolution or conclusion.

“To doodle is to engage in an intellectual, creative and physical act that recruits many neurological networks simultaneously. This makes it a strong force for change and a portal for imagining and inventing preferred realities,” Sunni Brown, The Doodle Revolution.

Doodling also allows me other creative freedoms. There is less “preciousness” in a doodle, less need (or no need) for it to be “finished” and easier to accept it’s faults and imperfections. Like a trampoline . . . just bounce with it. (click to tweet)

And sometimes . . . though all the above benefits apply, I simply want to spend some time being aimlessly creative (click to tweet) without taking away from productivity intended daylight hours. (Emphasis on “intended” as my daylight hours are not actually guaranteed to be productive!)


So to this aimless-creative-mind-nurturing end, much like the night winds-down the day promising hours dedicated to sweet dreaming,  I created my ‘Night Book.”

How to create your own Night Book:

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The must haves:

Moleskin sketchbook (or “equal” substitution)

Black Micron pigment markers

and/or black Copic Sketch Markers

The “Rules:” (Yes, I did just use the word “rules.” The greater the limitation(s), the more resourceful, creative, one becomes.)

  1. Only use the book at night. Otherwise, you know, it’s not really a “night” book. I use mine in bed before bed, and on the rarest occasion when I wake up and feel compelled to. Often my sketch book is only illuminated by my iphone screen (so as not to disturb my husband.) Candlelight works too!
  2. Only use black markers. Another Ode to the Night. (No pencils, erasers or other things, such as images for collage that can hide imperfections.)

The rest is up to you!


Hope the remains of your day is filled with other good stuff,


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