New Year Facebook Facelift: Clean Up, Manage, Organize, Refresh

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Facebook Facelift: a  collection of sites I unearthed while formulating my internet marketing and social media plan for the new year.

Facebook Facelift 2014
It might seem a bit strange that I, a paper artist, am writing about a Facebook Facelift aaannnd not about art. Aside from requiring ongoing education on how to use the many and varied social sites I participate in, as an individual and as a professional artist in a technointense world,  the simple truth is . . . I enjoy sharing.

 Facebook Facelift Pay-it-forward

I also love the idea of “pay it forward,” a consideration of Karma, and a purely self-indulgent opportunity to being creative in different forms. To these ubiquitous ends, I offer the following collection of sites I unearthed during my internet adventures in formulating my 2014 internet marketing and social media plan for the new year. May they help clean-up, organize, rejuvenate and refresh your Facebook experience.
Facebook Fiends: add, organize

How to Modify, Edit, View, Add, Remove Friends from a Facebook Friends List…/

Make Friends Lists on Facebook Using Built-In Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted Lists. Edit Smart Lists. Create Custom Lists.

Create a new list to organize friends How-to

Facebook Privacy: manage settings, delete history

5 steps to protect your Facebook privacy in lieu of Graph Search changes…/how-to-protect-your…/

How-to: manage your Facebook privacy settings with three simple lists…/how-to-effectively-manage…/

How to Delete Your Creeper Facebook Search History

Facebook pages: feature, see hide

How to make sure you SEE all the Facebook Pages you like!…/how-to-make-sure-you-see-all-the…/

How To Hide Liked Pages On Facebook. Was there ever a page on Facebook that you wanted to “like” but ended up not doing so because you don’t want your friends to know that you did?…/how-to-hide-liked-pages-on…

How can you feature other Pages on your Page?

Enabling Facebook Notifications for your Close Friends & Favorite Facebook Pages…/enabling-facebook…/

Facebook photos: manage images, albums, photo tagging

Facebook Photos Guide: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Pictures on Facebook…/a/Facebook-Photos-Guide.htm

How to Control Photo-Tagging on Facebook

Facebook Clean-Up: Simplewash and other tips

Get Organized: Get a Grip on Your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Accounts,2817,2425985,00.asp

How-to Clean Up Facebook,2817,2409423,00.asp

Clean Up Your Facebook Profile with “Simple Wash”…/the-easiest-way-to-clean…/

Facebook Lifestory:

How to Fill Out Facebook Timeline Without Annoying Your Friends…/30/facebook-timeline-annoy-friends/

Turn Your Facebook Timeline Into an Actual Book With Likebook…/31/likebook-facebook-timeline-book/

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  1. OMG, what a treasure trove of information! Thank you so much for putting this informative post together Col. I’ve bookmarked it for future reference. As I am a facebook-dummy (still feeling very clumsy here) I’ll certainly read my way through.

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      You are welcome Romy. 🙂 These are good links for the basic users. I just went through a webinar on Facebook planning, and almost every single “tool” recommended was not suitable for my level of use. Of course, I had to take the time to explore the tools before I could come to that realization!

  2. Col, these are great resources. Don’t underestimate your level of experience with Facebook – I train people on using this platform, yet still struggle with some of the privacy settings. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      Thanks Kate. 🙂 I appreciate your comment!
      Personally, I do not use the privacy settings. I prefer to not believe I have any privacy on Facebook and act accordingly, which simplifies things for me. One exception: hiding that I happen to be playing a game (though I don’t seem to have time for game playing these days). Once, I saw a FB notification that a person who I knew was in a local gov position was playing a game…during office hours. Of course this person could have been home sick in bed and bored, but it struck me as far too much information offered by Facebook, which had a fair potential for a negative consequence. I immediately Googled how to hide that “feature.” (Speaking of…Here’s a link to hiding apps

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