Grand Days on Facebook

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Hey, some days Facebook just makes me feel great, inspired, moved. 
Sharing some of that here.

Repeat after me: All of you are not me.
Rather empowering isn’t it?

Neil Gaiman’s Advice to Aspiring Artists.
Works for all in my opinion.

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One can only be inspired by the creativity and effort.

Rube Goldberg inspired advertisement from Honda so unbelievable Snopes had to look into it.

For the skeptics:
Yes, it’s all true with the exception of the number of takes. You can check it out at Snopes

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Sweet, genuine, cool and enviable!

Had to watch this closely to catch the moment when the friends of the couple became involved, then watched it over and over several times as they did such a brilliant job with the dancing; kudos to the choreographer!

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