About Me: A Good Question Day 3

Col Mitchell Contemporary Paper Artist About Me 0 Comments

  • What made me decide to pursue my particular technique? What do I like about my specific medium or technique?

Drawn to colour and texture I enjoy working in almost any medium where I can utilize these two elements as part of the expression. I have in the past used a diversity of mediums: film, photography, sculpture in metal & found objects, cloth, etc. Sometimes what I want to express is best expressed in a particular medium or combination of mediums.

Currently I am focused on developing to a greater technical proficiency my own contemporary paper manipulation & ink technique. This technique involves 3 very diverse steps or stages to reach completion (paper,wash,ink), ultimately melding these 3 steps into something new, unique. Both the paper and the wash stages contribute to the process in a manner I cannot predict in its entirety. The unpredictability and strong contributing attributes of both the first two stages makes working in this technique a challenge, but also offers an eagerly anticipated surprise factor. There is an attractive see-sawing partnership to the process which underscores the final image. I very much work through a process of reaction and inspiration offered by the expression of the materials, unique to each piece.

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