In the Studio — Finally!

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Things were going so good for a while, I was in the studio every weekend as well as 2-3 times during the week–then it all fell apart.
It started with Income Tax season. Add in executing a contest for Huntsville Art Crowd, multiple meetings, creating promotional materials for HAC’s new High School rep, time in the workshop making picture frames, applying for shows, meeting with teachers, homework issues….the list does go on….and you have one empty studio.
This week ended with a brainstorming and information session at Rene M. Caisse Theatre for Muskoka’s Designated Arts Community status on Monday, a writer researching Huntsville Art Crowd’s artist trading card activities for the Beyond the City magazine on Tuesday, and my designing of The Raven’s Garden Party blogsite and logo on the Wednesday. SO NOW things have settled. I was able to get back into the studio and create! Finally!
Check out a few of my latest works for The Raven’s Garden Party by clicking on the logo to left!

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