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Any part of the Earth’s surface not covered by water, and occupied by nature’s explorers, real or imagined.


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The liquid content of a stream, river, lake, ocean etc., and the real or imagined denizens or flora that may abide within.


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The visitors called to the dome shaped expanse extending upwards from the characteristically blue horizon.


Pen and Ink on Sculpted Paper

An Original Technique

From the Heart of Muskoka

Re-experience the magical mystery of Nature and the Wild  in an art form that expresses the wonder, energy and tranquility of its inherent beauty, in works as individual as the fingerprint of the memory of that experience itself.


Featured On

As seen on Day Time, RogersTV
As seen on G20 Summit, Media Centre, Toronto 2012
As seen on Times Square, NYC
As seen on Artifacts Series, Cogeco TV

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Art is not a thing; it is a way. - Elbert Hubbard

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“Candy for the eyes and soul! The amount of time and expertise needed to produce one of these works of art is only exceeded by Col’s ability to infuse each of them with tremendous emotion and mood!”

Pam Turcot

Snapshot Updates


New Studio Opens 49 Manitoba St. Bracebridge, Muskoka
Col Mitchell at Toronto 2015 OOAK Christmas Show

“Wow! I can’t believe how well the impressive and unique texture of your work shows online. Tough to achieve. Brilliant that it’s captured, as there is so much power in your texture!”

Cindy Watson