From the Heart of Muskoka 
An art form that captures the impressions
of magical nature experiences
through an original technique
that resolves itself into works as individual as
the fingerprint of that experience

Reflecting intimate interactions with nature
captured during childhood when those experiences
were more wondrous than common

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Any part of the Earth’s surface not covered by water, and occupied by nature’s explorers, real or imagined.

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The liquid content of a stream, river, lake, ocean etc., and the real or imagined denizens or flora that may abide within.

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The visitors called to the dome shaped expanse extending upwards from the characteristically blue horizon.

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Fabulously Functional

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Extend your nature passionate spirit into your home & work life spaces by adding your preferred pinch of “magical wild” throughout. Shop for pillows, mugs, wall clocks, iPhone,  covers  and more! Or send a gift certificate to your eclectic loving artventurer friends and family. 

Note: Items available for order online through Society6 

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If you came for tea - About the artist
Studio Processes
Classes, Workshops, Retreats

Meet Contemporary Paper Artist Col Mitchell through an image gallery assembled in response to the possibility of questions asked and stories told in casual conversation, “if you came for tea.”

Explore process videos, studio tools & materials, eco-friendly studio practices, plus sneak peaks and #studioleaks of works in progress and behind the scenes show preparation and activities.”

Engage with an eclectic mix of new work features, art show invitations, and behind the scenes artventures of studio business, news, happenings, plus the occasional giveaway or contest .”

Immerse yourself in skill-enriching workshops, courses or retreats focused on the creation of surfaces and grounds that will lend dimension & add pizzazz to your work.”

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